Sellers info

What do you need to do to present your horse(s) on one of our auctions?

  • First read the conditions for our auctions.
  • If you agree with the conditions then you can register.
  • After registration, you can subscribe the horses you like to sell in the auction.
  • We also need to know the minimum price you like to receive for your horse.
  • Two possibilities regarding your minimum price:
    • The minimum price you ask for is justified by the value of your horse's pedigree.
    • We find your minimum price to be too high and we will come back to you with our proposition.
  • When we have a deal about the minimum price we will invite you to one of the photoshoots.
  • When you are invited for the photoshoot you need to pay 250 euro (excl. VAT). We expect payment in full at the latest 48h before the start of the photoshoot.
  • At the photoshoot, we will take photos and videos of your horse.
  • During the photo shoot the veterinary clinic will examine your horse
    • If your horse is approved, you are selected for the auction.
    • If your horse is not approved we will refund you 125 euro (excl. VAT)

General information

  • HippoChamp organizes an auction every first Tuesday of the month (except for January)
  • Our auctions are online but with a LIVE auctioneer.
  • The auctions start at 20:00h until approximately 23:00h (Europe/Brussels time)
  • We auction foals, broodmares, embryos and 3-year-old unbroken sporthorses.
  • See our calendar to know which horses we are selling when.
  • See the dates of our photoshoots.
  • When your horse is sold, you will be charged a 5% commission on the final selling price.
  • When your horse is not sold, there is no commission to be paid!